I'm a well-rounded, goal-oriented professional who continuously focuses on improving my processes and skills. The majority of my experience has come from within the design field, with much of that in a management capacity, however I have been a key player in other areas as well.

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Resume | CV

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Volunteer Work

Giving a little to my community.
Royal Canadian Air Cadets

I've really fallen in love with the Cadet program (www.cadets.ca) and I advocate it to as many people as will hear about it. I am currently volunteering my graphic design skills at two squadrons, and I have joined the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) where my children are registered.

  • 758 Argus Sqdn.

    Brampton, ON –Graphic Design Volunteer

  • 758 Argus Sqdn.

    Brampton, ON –Parent Volunteer

  • 540 Golden Hawks sqdn.

    Oakville, ON –Graphic Design Volunteer

  • Cadet Parent

    The Best Move I've Made

Currently I am commuting into Guelph every day where I work as an Energy Conservation Project Manager for a lighting manufacturer. The projects that I take care of are small through to large commercial and industrial lighting retrofit projects. I consider this to be a valuable growth experience, however it is not within the marketing/design field, which is ultimately where I'd like to spend my time; I am open to opportunities that will lead me in that direction.

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