Lance Daoust

I am a pretty diverse guy in terms of experience, but there is a common thread throughout, and it’s that I am nerdtermined. I just made that up, right now, with my brain. I used nerd + determined to get nerdtermined. Incredible. That means no matter what I am working on I am determined to nerd my way through it. I suppose most people would call it problem solving.

Resume | CV

I am looking forward to new opportunities, please feel free to get in touch with me.
Resume | CV

If you have a few minutes, please have a look at the my online resume (updated in 2017).


Alternatively, you can download a PDF copy of my resume, from Dropbox. I’d love your feedback!


If you’d like more details, you can jump over to LinkedIn for my full history – all the way back to 1996!


If you’re interested, I have a small page on Facebook as well.

Volunteer Work

Because I like helping people, specially our youth.
Royal Canadian Air Cadets

I've really fallen in love with the Cadet program ( So much that I promote it to as many people as will hear about it.

Here in Brampton at the 758 Squadron I will be taking on the roles of Tagging Coordinator and Recruitment Coordinator for the 2017/2018 year.

I am currently volunteering my graphic design skills at the 540 Squadron. I create things like event tickets, brochures and graphics for their website.

  • 758 Argus Sqdn.

    Brampton, ON –SSC Member: Tagging Coordinator

  • 758 Argus Sqdn.

    Brampton, ON –SSC Member: Recruitment Coordinator

  • 540 Golden Hawks Sqdn.

    Oakville, ON –Parent Volunteer: Web & Graphic Design

Squadron Crests

The Brampton 758 & the Oakville 540 Golden Hawks
758 Argus Squadron Crest540 Golden Hawks Crest


Recently added portfolio pieces below:

Hey, thanks for for taking the time to read about me; I appreciate that because reading is HARD.


Believe it or not, no one was paid for these endorsements!