A1 Tires Unlimited

While visiting in Oshawa I happened upon an advert for tires, which I was in the market for at the time. I went over to the shop and had some tires installed on my 300, and while that was going on I had a little chat with the owner. She decided she’d like to have me create a website for her.

Due to budgetary restrictions the plan was to create a super simple one-pager. I created a logo using her favorite colours, customized an HTML template and set up the domain names + hosting account.

A1 Tires Unlimited

A1 Tires Unlimited

Tire Care Tips

Later I was asked to add a few tire care tips to the page, but rather than simply posting text I decided to make a downloadable PDF for her customers to print and keep in the car.

A1 Tire Care Tips

Social Media

I was asked to help with the social media accounts for her since she had lost admin access to the existing accounts. I tried to regain control of them, however there were circumstances that could not be overcome.

411.ca – I was able to gain access to and customize this account.
Google+ – I was able to create this account.
Yelp – I was unable to gain access to this account 🙁
Facebook – I was unable to gain admin level access to this page 🙁
Foursquare – I was unable to claim ownership of their listing 🙁

Kijiji Ads – I placed a few ads on Kijiji to help her get started using it as a promotions source:

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