American Optics

American Optics came to me via referral from a friend of mine who once worked with them. The project was to update their site and add a content management system that enabled them to control their inventory.

American Optics, 2010

American Optics 2010

American Optics, 2011

For the new version of the AO site David James from Pixels Etc built a fully customized CMS. The PixCMS enabled multiple user logins with privileges control, customer accounts and a detailed inventory control system.

American Optics 2011

American Optics Graphics Assets

I felt that the logo needed a little refreshing so I produced these two versions. The second was selected.

American Optics Logo Comparison

This is an illustration of their products, endoscopes. I wanted to use images of their product, however there weren’t any available that they owned, so I created these in Adobe Illustrator.

Endoscope Illustration, with wireframe