October 25, 2010


Sometimes audio/visual presentations are referred to as multimedia presentations, or just multimedia. Presenting information can be fun and rewarding if you can engage the viewers on more than one level. A well-constructed and visually stimulating presentation can do just that because while you’re delivering the data the viewer is entertained and can remain focused. The end result is your viewer is attentive throughout, the data has been received and you have a sense of pride in your delivery.

Below are samples from a recent speaker-guided presentation that delivers mathematically challenging and emotionally compelling content, complete with keyboard/mouse navigation and shortcuts. Because this product is currently for sale on CD ROM I can only display portions of the work.

The project was assembled and animated using Adobe Flash CS5. The content was delivered on a Mac/PC hybrid CD ROM. The disc automatically launches either a Windows or Macintosh version of the presentation, depending on which system is in use.

Application Launcher
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Help Screen
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