Lance OS 9

After college graduation I really wanted to be a teacher at the school, and obviously they could not hire a graduate without experience, and I was rejected. After I acquired the mandatory 2 years relevant work experience I applied for the Computer Graphics teaching job again, however this time the person hiring was not whom I expected. I was rejected yet again.

Determined to get the job I created a website specifically designed to impress them enough to hire me. Once it was completed I applied for both the Computer Graphics and Digital Media Design positions. I was finally accepted to the Digital Media Design department!

The portfolio I created was a small (640×680) copy of Mac OS 9, arranged as my portfolio. For some reason all of the css is broken and I have not dedicated the time to fixing it as of yet. I do want to, when time permits, because it was really nice. I think this is the only older site that I still like.