Mainly Mac

Phil Taylor, founder of Markham’s Mainly Mac, asked me to update his website back in 2008. Since then I have been updating his site and Facebook page, as requested.

Feedback from Phil Taylor

Lance is the ideal web designer to work with if you have the vision and you require someone to implement it. He has an uncanny knack of turning your mental concepts into reality!

Older Versions of Mainly Mac

Mainly Mac, 2006 – Original
Mainly Mac, 2007 – Original, alternate.
Mainly Mac, 2008 – First update by me.
Mainly Mac, 2010 – Second update by me, virtually identical.
Mainly Mac, 2012 – Third update by me, switched to a one-pager layout.
Mainly Mac, 2012, alternate – This update was abandonded.

Current Version of Mainly Mac

Phil is a great guy, and he knows exactly what he wants when it comes to his marketing materials. Following Phil’s guidance I created a one page layout for his site, with all of the other pages still available through the original menu system.

Mainly Mac

Mainly Mac’s Facebook Page

Here are some of the assets that I’ve created for Mainly Mac’s Facebook page.

Mainly Mac Facebook Page

Some of the promotions that ran on Facebook in 2012

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