My Website from 2001

Around 2001 I started taking interest in web hosting and domain brokering as well as bringing together fellow designers to form something like a super one-stop design-shop – named

I have to admit that I could have done with some business courses before trying to pull that off.

I was doing this in addition to teaching at the International Academy of Design & Technology in Toronto. I created a section of my site specifically for students to download course material and view the class outline.

*Not all of these pages and links work. This site is 10 years old and I am surprised I even have these files still.

View Interface 1.
View Interface 2.

First version of the site interface. It became impossible to have effective navigation like this, so it was abandoned.


2nd version of the interface. At the time I really liked the horizontal background lines, but looking at it 10 years later I am dumbfounded.