Facebook Profile Hacking (downloadable + video)

Recently facebook released their latest profile updates and almost immediately artists began using them as a new canvas. I wonder if facebook anticipated this would happen, and if they didn’t, will they make it so we can no longer dress up our profiles.

Well, while it’s still possible I thought I would try it myself. Here are some of the results of my fb profile hacks:

How To Do This Yourself

I thought others might want to do this so I filmed the instructions on how I customized my fb profile.

Download the jpgs or psd files below and customize your fb profile. When you’re done post a link or screenshot – we’d love to see what you can do!


YouTube Video Instructions (embedding disabled):
Stop The New World Order Facebook Profile [HOW TO]

Download the (jpg) image files used in the video:

Download the Photoshop (CS5) file used to make this:

TEXT-BASED INSTRUCTIONS for those who don’t want video.

Creating the Images

  1. View your profile from a friend’s facebook account, not your own.
  2. Take a screenshot of your profile from their perspective. This eliminates all the EDIT buttons on your profile.
  3. Open the screenshot in Photoshop.
  4. Create user-Slices from the Main photo and the 5 thumbnails at the top of the profile. It would be a good idea to number these slices for later.
  5. Select and delete the pixels within the slices so that you can see through. This layer will be your mask.
  6. Find an image that would look good inside this small space. Obviously wide images work better.
  7. Place your chosen image UNDER the mask (screenshot layer) and move it until it looks the way you want.
  8. From the File menu choose Save for Web and then proceed to save only the user-based slices – not all the other junk slices.

Uploading the images to your Profile

  1. Log into your facebook profile, view your profile and then click on “Photos” under your profile pic.
  2. At the top of this page is an “Upload Photos” button. Click it and when prompted to “Select Photos” you must choose the 6 sliced images from above.
  3. You can give this gallery a name if you like, it makes no difference.
  4. When the upload process is complete you will be taken to the photo details page and at the top is a “Publish” confirmation button. Press Skip and then press “Back to Album.”
  5. You now see the 6 photos you’ve uploaded, and then don’t look like the profile hack. The LAST photo should be slice number 5, click on it.
  6. Click “Tag This Photo” and then tag yourself.
  7. Press PREVIOUS.
  8. Tag yourself.
  9. Press PREVIOUS.
  10. Do this until you get to the LARGE photo.
  11. Do not tag yourself. Click “Make Profile Picture.”