Lance Daoust

Lance Daoust
Lance Daoust
Brampton, ON
Software Familiarity
Advanced Mac user since 1996.
Microsoft Outlook
Windows™ 7 & prior
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft OneNote
Adobe Illustrator
Microsoft Excel
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Flash
Adobe Dreamweaver
AutoHotKey (AHK)
MS Dynamics CRM

Since 1997, I have helped businesses create or improve their marketing and branding. This includes design work as well as leading online and print projects. I also have 4 years of professional experience managing energy conservation portfolios for retail and industrial businesses.

Core Competencies

COMMUNICATION: I listen and observe first, then respond clearly and simply so that I can ensure we’re all on the same page, headed in the same direction. I translate technical terminology into plain English.

ANALYSIS and INQUIRY: I take the time to gather a project’s requirements and ask revealing questions to gain clarity. I then dig into the answers so that I can uncover the deeper details that will inform and guide the project. This process reveals things that weren’t previously considered.

ORGANIZATION: Post-inquiry, I compile the project details into a useable, functional format, such as a wireframe, where I can clearly see the project’s size and scope.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: When facing challenging new situations or roadblocks I define the program(s) and then re-frame them; I employ creative thinking and persist until I have completed the initial task.

DEBRIEF: As the project progresses, I ensure that we are reaching the stated goals and achieving the requirements. I learn and adapt for future iterations.

TECHNICAL: I’m well-versed in many technical areas and able to use that experience to overcome or foresee coming obstacles, or to propose new ideas.

@ THINK™ Green Solutions / Reonac

Was recruited out of Sandcastle for the purpose of setting up THINK’s Energy Conservation Department.
Managed energy conservation applications for more than 200 facilities in Ontario and the U.S. with incentives worth $1,890,000 in 2016 and $966,700 in 2017.

@ Sandcastle Energy Systems Alliance

Managed energy conservation portfolios for national level franchises, totalling nearly 700 facilities across the country, capturing over $1.2M in incentives.
Was appointed to the Business Development team and placed in charge of branding and marketing.

Web Development Project Manager
Knight & Owl2017-Present

Responsible for liaising with prospects and clients throughout all stages of sales and development processes.

Meet with clients and discover their project’s needs and requirements. Create a project development schedule with functional wireframes that demonstrate an accurate understanding of each projects’ scope.

Work with the design/development team(s) to complete projects to specification, functioning as Project Manager and Web/Graphic Designer.

Responsible for marketing and promotions for the Knight & Owl brand, as well as accounting, bookkeeping, and business administration.

Knight & Owl donates time and skills in support of these local charities:
–The Oakville 540 Golden Hawks Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron,
–The Brampton 758 Argus Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron,
–The Professor’s Lake Residents’ Association (PLRA).

Energy Conservation Project Manager
THINK™ Green Solutions, a division of Reonac Energy Systems Inc.02/2016 – 05/2017 – Remote

Was solely responsible for converting a disorganized, manual pen & paper system into a fully electronic process complete with duplicability and succession planning in mind.

Developed a series of data processing and analysis, correspondence and reporting templates, and documented the standard operating procedures to ensure accurate and successful energy conservation incentive applications.

Prepared complex commercial and industrial energy conservation incentive applications by liaising with the THINK™ sales teams and corresponding hydro-electric utilities (Ontario, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois).

Created weekly earnings and savings reports for senior management. Provided detailed allocation reports at the close of each project.

Energy Conservation Project Manager
Sandcastle Energy Systems Alliance Corp (SESA)03/2013 – 10/2015 – Mississauga, ON

Responsible for preparing and tracking numerous multi-site energy conservation incentive applications for national retail customers by liaising with the electricians, installation teams, and corresponding hydro-electric utilities. Creates detailed allocation reports for clients at the close of each multi-site project.

Managed the applications for nearly 700 facilities across the country and captured over $1.2M in incentives for SESA’s clients, with a 100% application success rate.

Developed project tracking tools for collecting and processing aggregate data for reporting and duplicability.

With the head of Business Development designed Sandcastle’s Energy Rebates and Incentives Management System (eRIMS), a repository of tools, templates, and resources that improved the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of incentive application processing.

Recruited by the head of IT to develop and deploy computer automation systems that reduced repetitive tasks and increased productivity.

Coordinated the design and production of marketing initiatives for Sandcastle such as business cards, website elements, trade show banners and print media, spirit wear, panel stickers, etc, as needed.

Sales & Marketing Manager
Market Your Car Inc. (MYC)10/2012 – 03/2013 – Mississauga, ON

Developed leads for the 3rd Party Vehicle Marketing Program.

Rebuilt MYC’s 3rd Party Vehicle Marketing Program website (PHP/HTML/CSS).

Designed marketing support materials, vehicle wraps, stickers, and banners for a variety of customers.

Developed assets for MYC’s social media presence (Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Graphic Designer
Gino’s Pizza Group6/2012 – 10/2012 – Milton, ON

Helped deploy, and managed, multi-franchise digital menu content (Gino’s Pizza and Wing Machine).

Created print layouts for the Gino’s Pizza, Wing Machine, Double-Double and Panzerotto Pizza brands.

Initiated and set up a network file server for docket archiving and as a content/asset library (photos, fonts, etc).

Sales, Support, Marketing & Web Design
Intense Internet Inc.05/2009 – 02/2012 – Toronto, ON

Was recruited to manage the Sales, Support, Marketing and Design departments.

Initiated all marketing and design projects, and created all related content and designs.

Created, wrote and initiated all contracts for content distribution/sales agreements with vendors.

When the company sold I was the intermediary between the principals and the buyers; I wrote the counteroffer amendments; I procured buyers for remaining company assets.

Director of Operations (Design & Production)
LITB, LLC12/2007 – 04/2009 – Remote to Los Angeles

Was recruited to manage the Web Development Team and direct the website towards completion and launch.

Reported daily to the L.A. office via audio conference on the day-to-day operations.

Recommended the acquisition of a website and developed plans to re-launch said website.

Director of Sales & Marketing
Webnovas Technologies Inc.06/2004 – 11/2007 – Toronto, ON

Was recruited to help launch a new company’s website by spearheading and managing its Sales, Support and

Marketing departments; interviewed, hired, trained and managed the sales and support staff.

Developed the site’s specifications (sitemap, features roadmap, and page layouts); designed the logos and brand identity packages; created all aspects of every marketing and design project.

Developed relationships with content providers, affiliates, and the media; wrote and executed all contracts and agreements; handled all public relations matters including radio and magazine interviews.

Was the registered DMCA agent; was instrumental in settling a copyright infringement lawsuit in US court.

Created all policies/procedures regarding content review, flagging, tracking, offending user analysis and reporting; liaised with local law enforcement agencies.

Organized and coordinated appearances at trade shows in Canada and the USA.

Digital Media Design Instructor
International Academy of Design and Technology (IAOD)04/2000 – 04/2002 – Toronto, ON

Taught courses in Advanced Macintosh Topics, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and HTML/Web Design.

Created all course material (syllabus, assignments, exams). Received high accolades from both staff and students.

758 Argus Squadron
Air Cadet League of Canada2014 – Present – Brampton, ON

2016 – Became a member of the Ontario Provincial Committee (OPC).
2016 – Became a member of the 758 Argus Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC).
2016 – Assisted in the operations of the bi-annual “Tagging” campaigns by securing retail outlet tagging locations, recruiting additional volunteers, dispatching Cadets, counting donations, producing detailed post-tagging reports on earnings (per Cadet, per location, averages, overall), and creating Certificates of Recognition for “Top Taggers” and Cadets who participate in the most tagging shifts.
2016 – Coordinated a fundraising campaign in conjunction with Value Village, and produced detailed campaign earnings and effectiveness report.
2017 – Coordinated the Fall 2017 Tagging Fundraiser, which earned $19,462.46 over the weekend.

540 Golden Hawks Squadron
Air Cadet League of Canada2014 – Present – Oakville, ON

2016 – Became a member-at-large of the 540 Golden Hawks Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC).
2016 – Present – Provide marketing assets such as Golden Hawks Crest (vectorized the bitmap crest, and created new coloured versions), 65th Anniversary Mess Dinner (designed pewter dog tags, web banner, boarding pass, invitation, and passport), Golf Tournament (designed the boarding pass, invitation, and passport), Bottle Drive (designed the flyer), Parent Guide (converted and upgraded existing guide for print), Ribbon (designed an alternative to tags).

Creative Writing
Living Arts Centre2015

This course helps students unfold and express their creativity. See your written work flourish and develop through exercises, instruction, in-depth discussion and constructive class feedback. Topics will include finding inspiration, overcoming writer’s block and discovering your voice as a writer.

Publish a Book and Grow Rich
Private Course2012

How to write and publish a book. Learned Gerry’s recipe for authoring a book, and a few insights into funding and raising awareness of your personal brand as a result of the book.

Spanish Language, levels 1 & 2
Durham College2011

Studied Spanish Language, level 1. Final grade: 95%

French Language, levels 1 & 2
Durham College2009

Studied French language level 1. Final grade: 88%

Self Employment
Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program (OSEB)2003

The OSED program helps entrepreneurs get the basic skills they need to start up a business. The program was facilitated by Essential Communications Ltd ( The OSEB program is funded by the Provincial government and operated by Essential Communications Inc. The program guides people through the challenges and excitement of launching their own business by teaching them about things such as taxation, sales, marketing, business management, mentor-ship etc.

Computer Graphic Design
International Academy of Design & Technology1997

Was asked by the Chair of the Computer Graphics department to help struggling students as a tutor, in exchange for books and waived printing fees. High-Honors Graduate.

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