Eat Together

Sold Out, CSS graphic

Many of the pages gave me the opportunity to use interesting CSS techniques, like this SOLD OUT graphic – It is actually all created with CSS (except for the little face in the corner).

I client in China was interested in creating a social dining site after discovering a site called Grub With Us. Referencing the existing site made the design and page construction process a lot faster. I created all of the graphics (logo, icons, graphics etc) and coded all of the pages needed, and played with the idea of using only CSS for some of the buttons. The squared, yellow smiley faces are part of a stock icon set, though.

Not sure what social dining is? It’s a new concept in social websites where people make random friends by searching the site for meals in their area, reserve a seat, pay and then show up to eat with anyone else who also reserved a seat at the same location.

Eat Together, 2011

Eat Together Screenie

I have no idea what the client did with the profile files once delivered; I have never run into it and as far as I can tell Grub With Us has not taken off as expected. The development site can be seen here: The pages all work, except their not dynamic as there is no database.

Eat Together Logo Development

Eat Together Logo Development

Additional Graphical Assets

Large Icons