Straight Forward Inc.

A couple of great guys, Ken and Wes, found me and asked for a website with a little logo updating. I was happy to help out, of course. A few years later they asked for another update to their site, and I helped again.

Straight Forward Inc. 2007

The first site that I put together for them:

Straight Forward Inc 2007

Straight Forward Inc. 2012

The updated site:

Straight Forward Inc 2012

Straight Forward Inc. Logo Update

The reason for the logo update was that the original logo file was lost, so in order to use their logo I needed to recreate it, as seen below:

Straight Forward Logos -Compared

During the 2012 website update the logo received another update, as seen below.

Straight ForwardInc Logo 2012 Update

Straight Forward Inc. Truck Decals

SFi-Truck-Decals--FBv1 SFi-Truck-Decals--FBv2 SFI-Truck-Decals-Sv1 SFI-Truck-Decals-Sv2 SFI-Truck-Decals-Sv3 SFI-Truck-Decals-Sv4

Straight Forward Inc. Facebook Page

Straight Forward Timeline v1 Straight Forward Timeline v2


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