Eagle Talon Emblem

I used to own a 1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD, also known as a 2G DSM. I liked the car so much that I bought another one! While I was so enamoured with that car I grabbed a photo of the emblem and re-created it with Adobe Illustrator. View another illustration of a 2G DSM
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iPush – the Living Button

In an MSN conversation my fellow designer friend was telling me that people seem to be pushing his buttons for their entertainment. He was really stressing out about it, and I wanted to turn these lemons into lemonade. Both of us are Apple fans so I used the “i” reference to say iPush your buttons
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My Second Website – Ever!

Following up on my first website a year prior I drove full speed into freelancing as a web designer. I even called myself “Lance D’Aoust Enterprises.” Ah, my ego was galactic back then haha. The navigation is a nightmare in this one. I thought I was being efficient but looking back I didn’t hit the
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