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Mainly Mac

Phil Taylor, founder of Markham’s Mainly Mac, asked me to update his website back in 2008. Since then I have been updating his site and Facebook page, as requested. Feedback from Phil Taylor Lance is the ideal web designer to work with if you have the vision and you require someone to implement it. He
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Outputting Fonts for Press

Over the years I have always collected fonts for output with my print projects. Usually use the built-in features provided by either QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign, depending on which app I was using. I am also fairly meticulous about archiving my work, and those archives have included the collected fonts folder.

I’ve noticed a trend with these collected fonts:


Lance OS 9

After college graduation I really wanted to be a teacher at the school, and obviously they could not hire a graduate without experience, and I was rejected. After I acquired the mandatory 2 years relevant work experience I applied for the Computer Graphics teaching job again, however this time the person hiring was not whom
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