Andrés found PlastiSoft within his personal network and brought it to Knight & Owl for development. The client wanted to modernize their very old site, and include a Spanish version for their new marketing push into Latin America. Old PlastiSoft Site Redesigned PlastiSoft Site Andrés came up with all of the design elements for this
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Crystal Buffet

In 2012 I was approached by the owners of this restaurant to create a website for them, which I did gladly. A few years later there was a change of ownership and the new owners asked for the site to be updated to include changes to the menu and additional locations. This update came when
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Cobourg Development Services

In 2011 Cobourg Development Services (CDS) requested a custom website where they could manage photo galleries showing their project work. I Project Managed the full site design with a customized content management system. Later, their domain name,, accidentally expired and was quickly purchased by a link-building operation in 2014 causing the site to go
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